Check out Blandin’s Community Broadband Resources: Accelerate! Program

Originally posted in Blandin on Broadband blog

The availability of locally controlled federal funds and the opportunity for competitive state and federal funding has motivated multiple townships, cities and counties to move broadband funding up the priority list.  It’s kind of like a kid in a candy store after his after receiving cash gifts.  This kid is faced with so many choices – what kind of candy, how much candy, favorite candy only or mix-it-up?  How can/do they want to share their candy with others?  If not candy, what else could they buy?  One big difference…most kids have some good knowledge about candy and know exactly what they want to do and I expect that many elected officials would not have the same confidence in their decision making.

For those communities wanting to improve their confidence in their broadband decisions and strategies, I recommend that they participate in Blandin’s Community Broadband Resources: Accelerate! Program.  Over 14 weeks, community teams of at least eight members meet weekly and  learn about broadband technologies, review their current situation, interview current and prospective ISP partners, set policies and priorities and create plans and partnerships .

Learn more at and click on the Accelerate panel.  Or call me at 651-491-2551 or email to .