CTAC promotes and supports broadband-based economic development and community technology vitality with the following services:

Broadband Development: We have a model for success that we can bring to your community. We start community leadership awareness building and training and then follow that up with a readiness assessment documenting broadband assets and needs.  We help communities find a way forward through the complex web of provider relationships, feasibility studies and community initiative.

Seminars: We will come into your community to inform and inspire you to use technology to your advantage and/or how to lead a community-wide growth initiative.

Consulting: We have a track record of leading successful projects and initiatives in rural areas. We connect service providers with the people and the technology you need to best leverage your implementation budget. We help communities find and select the funding, resources, and strategies to promote prosperity.

Economic Development: With more than 40 years of experience in community and economic development, we are well prepared to help your community with a range of organizational development, strategic planning and project development assistance.  CTAC is an advocate of the Intelligent Community approach to increasing community vitality with its emphasis on broadband, innovation, knowledge workers, digital inclusion and marketing.