Stirring the Pot: the broadband policy discussion is fast and furious

As originally posted in the Blandin on Broadband blog

So much going on with broadband these days. It is hard to keep up!

Ten new Blandin Broadband Communities have jumped in with enthusiasm and commitment over the past month of activities. Our kick-off meeting in Willmar opened the eyes of their coordinators and teams to the results that their community efforts might yield over the next two years in better broadband access and use. Several communities brought multiple steering team members and I think that this served as a multiplier effect on their thinking. With seven of ten initial steering team meetings held last week and three more upcoming, communities better understand that broadband is only the infrastructure that a more vital community will utilize rather than the end itself. Up next are our Community Vision Meetings. We are also lining up meetings in thirteen BBC Alumni communities to help them maintain their community broadband efforts.

As I write this, it is exciting to see the grant announcements for the DEED Office of Broadband Border to Border Grants. It is especially fun to see funding provided to communities that I have worked with over the years. Congratulations to all of those funded!

Finally, the policy discussion is fast and furious. The new MN Governor’s Broadband Task Force report, the call for new members of the task force, the new FCC definition of broadband of 25/3 Mbps, President Obama talking community broadband and net neutrality.   A key task of community broadband leaders is to become informed and pass on your thoughtful opinions to local, state and federal elected officials.