CTAC keynotes at Broadband Communities Summit in Austin TX

I was honored to present the final keynote presentation at the Broadband Communities Summit in Austin TX last week.  My session was part of the Rural Telecommunications Congress track.  My presentation highlighted some of the great community and organizational projects developed with the support of the Blandin Foundation.  Using the Intelligent Community elements as the framework, I highlighted about 20 projects out of the more than 200 projects funded over the past several years.  As the final presentation at the end of a long conference I was a bit nervous about speaking to an empty room.  I promised those who stayed a unique bonus at the end of my presentation! 

The conference had many great examples of new FTTH networks and the ins and outs of their development.  Discussions about applications and economic development seemed to be a bit more theoretical and prospective.  I think people enjoyed the real-life and diverse examples of great projects in Broadband, Knowledge Work, Innovation, Digital Inclusion and Marketing that I was able to present as the accomplishment of residents of small towns, regional centers and rural counties.  You can see my slides below.  If you are interested in having this presentation delivered in your community, let me know!