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Dakota Future hosts Minnesota Broadband Task Force Monthly Meeting

Yesterday Bill Coleman led the hosting team at Dakota County, welcoming the Minnesota Broadband Task Force, who held their monthly meeting in Dakota County. It was an opportunity for CTAC client Dakota Future to showcase much of the work that Dakota County has done in terms of promoting and facilitating better broadband for better business. […]

Stirring the Pot: April 2012

As originally posted in Blandin Foundation’s Broadband eNews: Stirring the Pot Last week in his MPR Blog, Dave Peters took an interesting look at the ever-evolving fiber vs. wireless question. It is a question that I get at every community broadband meeting that I facilitate. On one hand, you have fiber. You know what you […]

Stirring the Pot: March 2012

As originally posted in Blandin Foundation’s Broadband eNews: I am part of a team just starting work on a project in Southwest Alaska – with place names like Kodiak Island, Unalaska and Dillingham. This rural region wants to make best use of a new federal stimulus project that will increase broadband speeds significantly in some places […]

Stirring the Pot: February: Investment Incentives

As first published in Blandin Broadband eNews February 2012… It seems that the communities with little or no broadband are increasingly feeling the pain of this shortcoming. It is no longer theoretical that they will be left behind sometime in the future. Community leaders recognize that they have been left behind and that the tail lights […]

Making a Community New Year’s Resolution

First published in January 2012 Blandin eNews… Does your  community make New Year’s resolutions?  January is a great opportunity to  bring  people together to talk about goals and improvement.  The Intelligent  Community framework (focusing on: broadband, knowledge workers, innovation,  digital inclusion and marketing/advocacy) provides guidance for organizing and  implementing action.  Through our MN Intelligent Rural […]

November: Stirring the Pot!

First published in Blandin Foundation’s eNews… As I prepared for our Broadband pre-conference webinar over the past week, I thought quite a bit about market development strategies – digital inclusion, increased user sophistication and advanced applications. The picture here portrays a different strategy! Connected Nation data shows that affordability, ignorance of benefits and lack of access are […]

Dakota County Smart21 with help from CTAC

Dakota Future is pleased to announce that For the third year in a row, Dakota County has been named a Smart21 Community by the Intelligent Community Forum. CTAC is led by CTAC founder Bill Coleman. Bill has been working with Dakota County businesses to promote and facilitate better broadband use and deployment to increase economic […]

Stirring the Pot

First published in Blandin Foundation’s eNews… Several folks from Google were on the agenda at last week’s NATOA conference. I have to say that the more I heard from the Googlers, the less I liked them! Smugness filled the room whenever Google was talking. We learned that Google people are really smart. And that they […]

Notes from the National Rural Telecon Congress

The National Rural Telecon Congress met last week in Mesa, AZ and the meeting was a very interesting gathering of folks discussing how to promote access and use of broadband in rural communities. I have been involved with the Congress for about 10 years and it was good to renew acquaintances with some of the […]

Tele-worker promotion ideas

Yesterday I attended MTA’s Telework seminar. It provided a foundation on which to build some local or statewide efforts by MTA members. I could see a number of economic developers wanting to join in a collaborative effort. As I listened to the presentation, I came up with some ideas that might help community leaders to get a […]