CTAC Presentations

Blandin’s ARRA plans

Earlier this week, Bill Coleman gave a presentation to the MN Cable Communications Association to detail the strategy behind the application that Blandin Foundation is developing for ARRA funding. The focus is on the Sustainable Broadband project area. The goal is to bring together key Minnesota organizations to create a program that will fund a variety […]

Broadband Policy Seminar

Bill Coleman recently worked with the Blandin Foundation to present a Broadband Policy Seminar in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The seminar was held as a precursor to the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force meeting, also held in Grand Rapids. The seminar was well attended and received. Several of the participants went on to make public comments […]

Minnesotans convene for broadband stimulus funds

Earlier this week, CTAC founder, Bill Coleman spoke with other members of the Blandin Broadband Initiative team to folks around the state you are interested in improving broadband access in Minnesota. Blandin Broadband Stimulus Pre-Planning View more presentations from atreacy.

Senator Klobuchar’s Broadband Roundtable

Bill Coleman was one of a handful of people asked to speak at Senator Klobuchar’s Broadband roundtable at the Capital this week. Here are his comments on the experience: It was fun to be a part of this meeting and hear the perspective of Senator Klobachar and the importance that she places on broadband development. […]

Minnesota’s Government IT Symposium

The RiverCentre in St. Paul was buzzing with around 1,000 government IT staff and IT vendors this week. By the looks of the agenda, network security and cost-effective network management were two critical topics on the agenda. The goal of my presentation was to let these IT staff understand details about who is online and […]

Blandin Broadband Conference Big Success

The Blandin Broadband conference was a great success last week. More than 140 people registered. I was involved with the Community Broadband Awards as well as the planning of the conference. It was great to help the award winners celebrate their hard work. Each community had different challenges and their own definition of success but […]

MN Association of Community Telecommunications Administrators

It was my pleasure to participate on the keynote panel discussion this morning at the MN Association of Community Telecommunications Administrators. Milda Hedblom and I had the opportunity to talk about the importance of broadband in communities and strategies for improving broadband services. I always learn something when I listen to Milda and we had an active […]

Broadband and Economic Development

Broadband and Economic Development by Bill Coleman View more presentations from atreacy.

Levergaing Broadband for Community & Economic Development

Leveraging Broadband for Community and Economic Development View more presentations from atreacy.

Trends in Broadband

Trends In Broadband By Bill Coleman View more presentations from atreacy.