CTAC Presentations

CTAC leads discussion at 2011 MN Broadband Conference

CTAC Founder Bill Coleman was on the planning committee for the 2011 Policy & Progress: Border to Border Broadband conference. The conference was a great success and Bill moderated one of the top sessions: Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities; Demonstration Community Project Coordinators. It was a lively discussion highlighting the broadband adoption projects happening around the […]

Public-Private Partnerships in Broadband Presentation

Bill Coleman speaks on Public-Private Partnerships in Broadband in a Blandin Foundation sponsored pre-conference webinar… With stimulus funds allocated and clear understanding of the difficulties in obtaining strictly market-based funding, how can underserved areas reach their broadband goals? What are some successful models of public private partnerships? You can also access an archive of the […]

Free webinar on Public-Private Partnership in Broadband

On Tuesday CTAC founder Bill Coleman will be presenting a free webinar for the Blandin Foundation as a lead up to the 2011 Fall Broadband Conference (Policy & Progress: Border to Border Broadband). Pre-Broadband Conference Webinar – Public-private partnerships in broadband Date:Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Time:12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Location:Online Cost:FREE With stimulus funds […]

Intelligent Community Forum in Minnesota

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to speak with Bernadine Joselyn of the Blandin Foundation and LaDonna Boyd, board chair of Dakota Future at the DEED conferece on economic development. We were presenting on the Intelligent Community Forum as an economic development framework and how we have deployed it in Dakota Conty and the […]

Notes from Building the Broadband Economy in NY

Participating in the Intelligent Community Forum’s Building the Broadband Economy has been very interesting and fun. Last night I sat with people from across Canada and learned about the emphasis that their leaders are putting on broadband as an economic development strategy – from the Atlantic Provinces, to Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. They saw […]

Bill Coleman on Almanac North

Bill Coleman was asked to speak about the Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Task Force recommendations on Almanac North (Duluth, TV). He was on the program with Task Force Chair, Rick King and Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon. They talked about the recommendation and the implications for rural areas.

Broadband Technologies for Business

Bill Coleman gave the following presentation at the Minnesota DEED conference (Minnesota Development Conference). Broadband Technologies for Business: Fast Track to the Future View more presentations from atreacy.

TISP features Blandin broadband project

Bill Coleman, Bernadine Joselyn and Kelly Peterson spoke to the TISP Forum about the Blandin project proposed to receive ARRA broadband stimulus funding. Blandin Foundation Project: an Application for Sustainable Broadband View more presentations from atreacy. Read more on the Blandin on Broadband Blog.

Broadband Policy Seminar Fergus Falls

Last week, CTAC founder Bill Coleman brought the Broadband Policy Presentation to Fergus Falls for local residents who were considering offer public comments (and others) at the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Task Force meeting the following day. The meeting was well received attended by both local residents and Task Force members. You can learn […]

Broadband Policy Seminar in Mankato

Earlier in July Bill Coleman gave his second broadband policy seminar of the summer for the Blandin Foundation. You can learn about the session from the Blandin on Broadband blog and/or check out the slides below. Broadband Policy Workshop Mankato View more presentations from atreacy.