Client Updates

Stirring the Pot: Broadband Vision and Values

As originally posted on Blandin on Broadband While on vacation and reading randomly on Facebook and Twitter, I read an excellent article about someone retiring from the US Department of State after a long career.  The article is long gone from my news feed. His career distilled to its essence – “Never underestimate your ability […]

Chisago Lakes Area celebrates $100,000 award and next step toward America’s Best Community!

Bill Coleman is celebrating with his clients – the Chisago Lakes team in the America’s Best Communities competition. Bill has been facilitating the community participation and process over the past year in partnership with a great community leadership team. Chisago Lakes is now one of eight finalists competing for $6 million dollars in prize money […]

Stirring the Pot: Broadband Grant Help Available

As originally posted in the Blandin Broadband eNews… Congratulations to the BBC’s, the alumni communities and their stakeholder groups for the recently awarded Blandin Foundation grants. Overall, there’s a great group of projects to be implemented across rural Minnesota. It is amazing what a relatively small grant of $10,000 or less can do in the […]

Chisago Lakes Area named semi finalist in America’s Best Communities challenge

Chisago Lakes – a collaborative community just north of the Twin Cities, has been named as a semi-finalist in the America’s Best Communities program sponsored by Frontier Communications, Dish Network, the Weather Channel and Co-Bank.  The community now has a one-in-five chance to win a prize work $1 million dollars or more.  The effort has […]

Stirring the Pot: Reductions in State Broadband Support

As originally posted in the Blandin on Broadband eNews… Uncertainty seems to describe the current broadband environment in Minnesota and beyond.  This uncertainty makes it hard for local community broadband initiatives to plan a path forward causing delay and frustration. Here in Minnesota, we are all awaiting the final passage of the Office of Broadband […]

Stirring the Pot: Broadband is like owning a boat

As originally posted in Blandin Foundation Broadband eNews… After a couple years without a fishing boat, I knew that I needed to get back out onto the water.  Like many broadband-deficient communities, I realized that life without a boat is a life incomplete.  I had tried fishing from a kayak and from shore, but it […]

Congrats to Chisago new Americas Best Community – now in line for chance at $3 million

Last fall, Frontier Communications and Dish Network developed a $10 million partnership set on driving growth and revitalization in rural towns and cities within the telco’s 27-state territory – including Minnesota. It’s called the Americas Best Communities. It’s fun to see that Chisago Lake Area made the cut! Bill Coleman worked with Chisago. In fact […]

Stirring the Pot: A little public funding sweetens the broadband deal

As originally posted in Blandin on Broadband… To quote Mary Poppins, “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down!” That promise of that sugar, soon to be available from the Office of Broadband and from the FCC, is providing motivation for public and private sectors to talk about partnering. What is amazing to […]

Stirring the Pot: Less beer, more fiber

As originally posted on Blandin on Broadband… By Bill Coleman, Community Technology Advisors As my annual physical approaches, I can already hear my doctor proscribing “Less beer, more fiber.” I am already working on the second part of that advice, the first not so much. In turn, I will give the same advice to our […]

Stirring the Pot: Connecting the dots

As originally posted on Blandin on Broadband… Stirring the Pot By Bill Coleman, Community Technology Advisors “Connecting the dots” is a metaphor for people who can see the big picture in a complex world of technology, people and trends. In past weeks, I have seen the positive value of connecting people so that 1 + […]